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This year, June is cold. South Africa is receiving a burst of winter weather. 
The icy build-up brings snow to the high mountains and cold climate areas, pushing the winter winds through the country.

After two months of lockdown, I am ready to hit the road running and get back to work. From the first of July, business travel will open. I see a road trip ahead driving down to the warmer weather in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal. There are few things so liberating as the open road. Once you’re on the freeway listening to a podcast of a rock n’ roll great, the hills and valleys roll past to fast.

I am on my way to Umhlanga for business. I will be staying at the new North Star Micro Hotel, 26 Eastmoor Crescent, Umhlanga Rocks. There are only a few rooms to book. It’s a luxury experience to walk out over the grass, with your coffee in hand looking out to the golden light lighting up the ocean. Mornings are the best in Umhlanga. I sit down with the ocean sound as background, open up my laptop, ready to write. It’s beautiful and fresh in the morning heat. I fire out e-mails. 

I enjoy breakfast on the veranda, with three of us sitting more than 5 meters apart. The North Star is perfect for social distancing. The service is superb with little interference and quality attention to detail. In the afternoon, I will have a cocktail at the  Belvedere bar right next to the pool. At 5 pm, the bonfire lights up. A drone hovers at the edge of the beach, ready to drop bait 300 meters into the ocean. Let’s see if there will be a catch today. It’s the north coast at it’s best, quiet, out of season, perfect for a business trip and private business meetings next to the beach.

The coffee run at the North Star Micro Hotel in Umhlanga starts when you hit the road at 6 am.  We have coffee and cake ready from 6 am to 9 am. There are pies, sausage rolls, and protein balls to keep you energized during your lockdown run.

The gate opens, Menzie steps out in his bright tropical shirt greeting the first morning joggers. The road passing the North Star is bustling. The promenade is closed. Walkers, runners, and cyclists are making the most of these beautiful North coast mornings. The smell of the ocean, a gentle balmy breeze, pink clouds float in the sky. Eastmore crescent feels alive this morning. 

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