The North Star coffee run is buzzing. Mornings are fresh and light.

Home away from home. I smell the caramel coffee floating through the takeaway cups. A monkey jumps off the wall sprinting across the grass. People are enjoying coffees on the veranda looking out over the slow waves. There is a sense of normality at The North Star.

Things are looking up. The lockdown is easing with ideas popping.

The North Star has masks, buffs, and freshly fragrant hand sanitizer to buy. Guests arrived as we opened for business travel. In the morning, the guests enjoy breakfast on the edge of the pool. In the afternoon, the Belvedere bar opens for refreshers. The starlight is on.

Cooper, the resident peanut buttercup french bulldog, chases a crab. The crab runs into the pool when Cooper yelps into his famous high pitch scream. He is vocalizing his disgust to lose sight of the crab.

Kaylen, the new star chef, prepares seafood and meat dishes to your taste. The prawns are big and juicy served with mixed seafood. If you crave something spicey, the chilly poppers are hot. A delicate plate of fresh fish with crisp vegetables is on the menu.  It is a versatile food feast of South African cuisine.

Out in the waves, the schools of sardines are swimming up and downstream. It is June, Time for the annual sardine run. Silver splashes on the water surface. Anglers plotting plans and line up with eager optimism to hook a trophy tuna from the shore. Staring down the beach with a reel in hand, who will bring in the big fish?

The swell pro launches just before sunset. It is time to catch and release a shark. One of the biggest Zambezi and black-tipped sharks were caught and released in recent days at The North Star Micro Hotel. Perfect winter evenings for fishing. It could turn into an arm wrestle but all worth the adrenalin. Warm north coast nights photographing epic sharks moments in the shallow surf. The fin tip disappears back into the dark ocean, what a beautiful moment.

The wind has died down. Cool but warm by the fire. The flames dance with the conversation. It has been a playful day with regulars, tourists, and locals sharing a moment. I am excited to wake up here tomorrow. It will be a lazy winter sun coffee to start the day.