Sunrise at the NorthStar

I have been driving since 5 am. The provincial checkpoints work fast and efficiently. I show my travel permit and hand sanitizer before being cleared to go. Caramel-colored winter landscapes stretch out as far as I can see. I am listening to my favorite eulogy podcast about bees.

All worker bees are female producing a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. To attract more bees in your garden, grow more color. The bee is the only social insect to be partially domesticated. Honey retains moisture, which makes it a natural beauty treatment. We are losing up to thirty percent of all bee colonies each winter. The Bee species is under threat. Urbanisation and human habits are contributing to this intricate co-existing relationship.

I stop at The North Star Micro Hotel, inspired by the story of Bees. The winter afternoon in Umhlanga Rocks is windy. I feel the tropical breeze blowing through my hair as I step inside the entrance looking out to the ocean. Menzie and Makiwa are smiling in their Hawaiian shirts.  I sip on a refresher drink walking over the manicured lawn taking in the sounds and smells of the ocean. 

I walk into my mustard-colored room. The light is dim and warm. The view expands all over the ocean, looking towards the ships lining up to enter the Durban Harbour.  I step into the Belvedere bar for a drink. The atmosphere is jovial. Standing next to the pool, it feels as if the lockdown doesn’t exist. I meet various locals eager to share stories. 
The steak prepared by Chef Kaylin is delicious. I enjoy the chocolate dessert tart with a nightcap before I retreat to my room.

The sunrise light is glowing shining into my room. I step onto the sand with a takeaway cup of strong coffee. The warm waves wash over my feet as I walk along the beach, preparing my mind for the business day ahead.
It’s a calm meditative space to start the day filled with meetings on the veranda at the Northstar. The warm orange glow stays with me for the day, discussing opportunities and collaborations to beat the lockdown blues. The North Star Micro Hotel caters to correct social distancing and privacy to meet with business partners. 

I will cherish these warm orange sunrise mornings at The North Star.