North Star Hotel new Lunch special Offers

This week there is rain predicted for the Durban coast. The North Star Hotel might see scattered showers splashing into the windows and on the pool. Winter has been sunny, beautiful warm in the day time. The sardine run has passed, many people lined up on the beach, silhouetted in the beach break hoping to catch a decent size fish, to take home. In August, the weather will be warm, with temperatures up to 28 degrees expected.

The North Coast will deliver beautiful days for coastal and sea fishing.

At the North Star, the hotel is the staff is scurrying through the day in bright-colored clothes serving tropical-looking drinks and mouth-watering food from breakfast until the kitchen closes for the day. The pastries and cakes are on offer from early, as the doors open for coffee welcoming the early risers. If you dare, the chocolate cake is delicious without being overbearingly too sweet. If you have traveled to France, the french start their day with coffee and pain au chocolat. Why not be daring and have chocolate for breakfast, we are not allowed to have a drink so at least have something a little bit decadent for breakfast.

The chef has new offers on special for the week. The kitchen is busy from early in the morning, starting with the breakfast options. My favorite is the eggs benedict served with a premium blend of North Star brand coffee. If the weather permits, the balcony will open from breakfast till evening. If the rain starts pouring down, the lounge is spacious and cozy to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the day. 

The new lunch specials for the week starts on a Tuesday offering traditional fresh Fish and chips for R95. It is a delicious light ocean lunch to enjoy with a rock shandy on a Tuesday afternoon, looking out over the ocean. If your taste buds enjoy something spicey, ask for some extra chilies to spice up your Tuesday.

The Wednesday special is tender cooked and deliciously flavored  Chicken Tagliatelle. If you order one full serving at R130, you pay half for the other one at a rate of R65. Enjoy one of the alcohol-free cocktails offered by the bar with this hearty lunch on a Wednesday in the fresh august wind. 

Friday’s special at The North Star is a Beef burger for R90. Ask the chef to have your patty cooked to your taste. The perfectly cooked burger will be a smoldering treat to enjoy at The North Star on a Friday lunch.   

The North Star offers new options when booking in to stay overnight. Provincial travel and leisure are allowed during the current lockdown status.

The all-inclusive package consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, all minibar content, a selection of house wines, ciders, and beers, including soft drinks, coffee, and tea. For singles, the all-inclusive package is R3500 per night, and for two people sharing the rate is R3000 per person.

The half package includes breakfast at a rate of R2500 for a single person and R2300 per person sharing.

The North Star offers a 15% discount on all packages for subscribers to the website newsletter. Subscribe to the blog and the newsletter to receive weekly blog updates and monthly news and offer from the Nort Hotel to keep updated with all the specials and developments as the lockdown status evolves.