5 things to do at Sunset in Umhlanga Rocks

Today, the 8th of September in COVID 2020, the sunset in Umhlanga Rocks is at a quarter to 6 pm. The sunset feeling at the Northstar Micro hotel starts earlier. The Belvedere bar shines into the night like a bright star. It is partly cloudy with the wind blowing, but pleasantly warm for a spring evening outside by the pool. The sunset colors set in from five as the sun lazily disappears to the west. The Belvedere guests keep arriving, fueling the jovial sunset mood. There is always talk about business, life in the warm breeze on the east coast, and of course, important things like fishing. My mouth waters thinking about freshly caught Dorado on the braai, I sip my beer, drooling about the thought. The simple life, eating fish with your hands, sitting barefoot by the fire, drinking cold beers, summery, fresh, salty ocean air.

Sunset Beach Walk

As you finish your drink, grab a bag, your flipflops, and your wallet. Step out through the gate, over the deck and onto the dune for a walk on the beach. Be careful of the prickly thorns. The dune plants are beautiful with a vicious pinch. As your feet prints into the sand with a paced walk towards the waves, the humidity clings the thick sand grains to your feet. The Shorebreak splashes warm Indian ocean water over your feet, washings of the sand grains, and the domestic city layer from your winter feet. The wind in your hair, salt splashes on your legs as you splash your way towards the lighthouse. The sunset mist rolls in, filling the sky with mood as the lighthouse light beams across the sunset ocean.

Whalebone Pier

As your step over the rocks and sand onto the beach promenade, passing the white and red lighthouse, the Whalebone Pier, planted firmly in the sand, lies stretched out into the waves. The Umhlanga Whalebone Pier is an architectural masterpiece. The 80 m long Whalebone Pier represents a whale skeleton and is part of an underground culvert that helps disperse excess stormwater from the land into the ocean. The pier received a recent accolade as the most beautiful pier in the world by media channel CNN.

Promenade Walk

Pass the lighthouse, snap a few pictures on the Whalebone Pier, and keep walking along the Umhlanga promenade, which winds all along the beach. There are coffee and Ice cream kiosks to buy a refresher along the way.
The locals love running and power walking along the promenade morning and afternoon to enjoy the breezy ocean air and the view of the waves along the beach. The afternoon light play over the ocean is mesmerizing.

A drink at The Oyster Box

On your walk back on the promenade, stop by for a drink at the Oyster Box Hotel. The Lighthouse Bar offers panoramic views over the ocean and the lighthouse. The Oyster bar, a long marble bar, is quiet and calm for meetings and sundowners. The Chukka Bar embodies old-world charm and memories. The Chukka bar offers a selection of cigars, whiskeys, brandies, and craft gin in an intimate setting.

The Belvedere Bar, North Star Micro Hotel

After your sunset outing, stroll back to the North Star Micro Hotel, wash off the sand and order a sunset cocktail or your favorite drink at the Belvedere Bar. The music is nostalgic and modern, with people of all ages sipping drinks by the pool. Menzie is the ultimate bar host keeping your glass filled and your smile big and colorful. The Belvedere offers snack platters and a dinner menu to enjoy next to the pool. A selection of cigars is available to enjoy with a wide variety of drinks.

The sunset hours in Umhlanga Rocks pass slowly to enjoy the orange hues, beach activities, and cheerful sundowners into twilight.