Planning a December holiday in Umhlanga Rocks

September is the month of beauty in South Africa. Everything is in full bloom inland and on the coast. The trees are full of blossoms, and colorful flowers fill the streets. It has been a year of resilience and patience. COVID has affected all of us, good and bad. This time is usually when scholars and students start preparing for exams to finish the year. 2020 hardly started. It has been an uphill to negotiate our way through the turmoil and frustrations. The country is known for the pink-purple Jacaranda trees to signify year-end exams and the return of a warm summer. In September, the year-end is near, and December planning starts. I am not sure if anyone feels they deserve a holiday this year, work has been stop-start, and the momentum has been slow. A holiday in 2020 will be to celebrate the end of the COVID year. Working from home has a new meaning as we were all in lockdown, and the roads became void of cars. We are slowly getting into a new normal. It is not business as usual, but we are almost back to creating daily work and inviting new opportunities.


As the year moves fast towards December, it is time to think of booking a break. Where should I go, and what will be the best option to put the COVID blues behind us. Flights are operating again, but the idea of sitting on a plane is not comfortable yet if you don’t have to. Social distance will be on my mind for time to come. I think the best travel option will be by car for the next few months. A road trip sounds exciting, and I can control my route and timeframe. If you are traveling with kids, a trip by car always generates excitement. Te road from Gauteng to Umhlanga is busy, but if you plan your departure time, the road can open up without all the traffic.

There are many places to stop on the way, so kids and dogs have ample opportunities for a quick stretch and a jump around.


The North Coast is always a good option for December, living in Gauteng. If you are traveling from elsewhere in the country, there are many scenic and exciting routes to follow to Umhlanga. It is a year to explore our country and support local businesses. Driving towards the North Coast offers many roadsides eateries, craft businesses, and fuel stations to stop for a quick break. No matter what direction you choose to drive, the air will be warm with sweltering summer winds blowing. December in South Africa embodies summer and road trips to the ocean.


Booking in advance is essential. If you haven’t booked yet, I would start planning a trip and secure a booking as fast as possible. The North Coast offers many options for a breakaway. There are many activities to participate in and loads of fun to have with your kids. The beaches are spacious with enough room for everyone to social distance and enjoy a place in the sun. The Ushaka aquarium and the bird park will get busy, so planning and timing are essential. With the crowds moving towards the North Coast for a holiday break, planning and booking in advance will be advantageous.


The North Star Micro Hotel has six rooms available. Each room offers comfortable luxury with a sea view. Breakfast is available each morning with various options in the lounge or outside by the pool under the big palm tree. A morning swim is always a fresh splash to start the day and enjoy a coffee in the morning sun. The manicured lawn is spacious and invites play with the two local Boston terriers. A picnic booking on the grass under an umbrella is a must. There are delicious picnic baskets to order daily. Lunch is on offer from twelve with chef-prepared dishes to order. The Belvedere bar is stocked and ready to serve drinks from lunchtime. I n the afternoon after time on the beach, a cold outside shower is available before enjoying a drink by the pool. The Belvedere bar will be buzzing and joyful at sunset. The fire pit fire lights up at sunset. In the warm Umhlanga night, as the fire’s flames swirl, daily stories are shared.


Book at The North Star Micro Hotel in advance, secure your booking, and road trip to enjoy a breakaway and clear the 2020 COVID jazz away with a seafront holiday in Umhlanga Rocks on the North Coast.