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6 Tips to book the best Hotel in Umhlanga

There are many accommodation options to choose from in Umhlanga.
The North Coast has a variety of excellent hotels, lodges, and self-catering apartments to book. The summer climate on the North Coast is warm and humid, with an average summer temperate of twenty-eight degrees celsius. The humidity adds to the high summer temperatures.
The sea temperatures vary between twenty-one and twenty-three degrees, perfect swimming, and watersport conditions. If you book a flight to King Shaka International Airport, the drive to Umhlanga is twenty minutes. If you choose a road trip through the landscape of South Africa, the main highways are good and flow fast. A drive from Gauteng will take approximately eight hours, from Nelspruit, it will take closer to 10 hours, from Bloemfontein, more than seven hours, and from Cape Town, almost eighteen hours. A flight is quick, but a road trip is scenic and beautiful.

How do I choose the best accommodation for my holiday?

1. Budget
Your budget is an important denominator. Choose how much you want to spend on your trip and find the best option to suit your budget. Expensive accommodation offers more comfort, privacy, safety, amenities, and luxury. The North Star Micro Hotel is in the higher end bracket and offers tailored luxury accommodation and experience.

2. Is money-saving worth it?
You can save money by booking through online booking platforms, but booking directly with your accommodation of choice offers more peace of mind and personal attention. If you are booking a long trip, check the accommodation website for packaged specials and ask the property management to guide you through the best options. If you are planning a relaxing holiday, spending a bit more might secure a more leisurely luxury holiday. The North Star Micro Hotel accommodation is luxury priced with the experience to match your booking price.

3. Choose accommodation with your travel partner.
Choosing the right accommodation is essential for both you and your travel partner to have the best experience. Booking a solo room is an easy choice, but choosing a location that offers the best option for a couple or family needs more consideration. Privacy, space, diet, hotel size, and luxury are important to consider when booking your accommodation. The North Star Micro Hotel offers family rooms and big luxurious couple rooms
to book.

4. Book a hotel according to your eating habits.
This COVID year has made us all turn into avid chefs. If you need a break from your time in the kitchen, book accommodation that offers you the best meal options to suit your diet. The North Star Micro Hotel has a full-time Chef catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are specials on offer, and you can also ask the chef to prepare meals according to your dietary requirements. The North Star Hotel has a fire pit ideal for a fish or a meat braai.

5. Amenities
Choose accommodation that offers the best amenities to suit your needs. Booking a summer trip will be warm, a pool is essential. The North Star Micro Hotel has a swimming pool, right next to the bar and lounge bordering on the beautifully manicured lawn. There is a jacuzzi available.
The bar is airy and well-stocked. Each double room has a sea view and all the luxury items to make your stay comfortable. There are e-bikes to book for a ride daily to explore the ocean view drive and Umhlanga.

6. The small details
If you book luxury accommodation, look for the small details. The North Star micro Hotel staff are friendly and offer special attention to make your holiday relaxing. Ask your hosts to serve your coffee, drinks, and meals to your taste. There are many luxury activities to book in the area. Your host will guide you through the best options to plan a day trip.

The North Star Micro Hotel is a beachfront property offering gourmet meals, luxury rooms, attentive staff, a sea view with beach access, and private luxury. If you are planning your next holiday to Umhlanga, visit the North Star Micro Hotel booking page to secure your booking.

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