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The Three Top Beaches North of Durban

The three top beaches north of Durban are popular travel destinations. Durban in October boasts a warm climate and long hot summer days. The morning and sunset times are the best, warm water mornings and golden hour beach sunsets. The days are warming up, and the humidity and summer breeze is hot. At the moment, Gauteng is stormy and full of thunder and rain. This COVID year has suppressed travel and livened the hearts of adventurers. I am currently working in Dullstroom, it is cold, rainy, misty, and it feels like a moody winter trip. The wood is burning and crackling as I type. I look into the slow fueled flames burning away 2020, inspiring new ideas and thoughts for the months to follow. I am dreaming of a traditional South African December breakaway with warm and long hot summer days, warm Indian ocean water, fresh fish barefoot in the sand, and a cold beer soothing me into the sunset. The life on the North coast is carefree and lined with simplicity. The charm of South Africa is vast, from the highlands to the coastlands, the journey and the road trips offer excitement and long lusty travel days.

The east coast of South Africa is known for its warm water and golden beaches, the surf is consistent, the fish are on the run, and the people are warm and friendly.

North Beach

North Beach is north of Durban as it says, with long piers and plenty of food and coffee shops along the beachfront. The North beach is always hip and happening in Durban. The joggers and walkers fill the beach promenade in the morning, and young lovers stroll the north coast promenade in the afternoon soaking up the last few sun rays. The mornings start early with the champion and leisure surfers lining up in the breakers. The sunrise over the Indian ocean horizon is spectacular as the golden morning light colores the waves.

Umhlanga Rocks

Umhlanga rocks are more north with a magnificent attraction, the Whalebone pier. The surf is choppier, but the beaches are less crowded with trendy beachgoers drinking lattes. There are many good eateries close to the beach. The red and white lighthouse stands proud on the main beach with a winding promenade to the world heritage wetlands park.

Umdloti Beach

Umdloti Beach is very popular with the locals. The locals enjoy Umdloti beach to escape the trendy and busy North beaches. The beach has a lagoon type swimming area, various rock pools, and an open section to the right for surfing,  favored with local talent in the waves. Early in the morning, you can spot dolphins in the surf. During July and November months, there is a possibility of whale watching on Umdloti beach.

To the North of Durban, you will find an active community enjoying morning sports and activities on the beach. The warm climate is inviting to start your day early with a walk on the beach, a surf, or a canoe paddle if you dare to take on the surf. I am dreaming of a beach holiday, warm water swim, and eating fresh fish on the beachfront.

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