Five super tips to make your next Umhlanga beach holiday perfect.

There are more or less fifty days left to produce and deliver work in 2020.
For some people, the days leading up to the last workday of 2020, is even less. Whether you are planning a road trip or taking to the skies, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your December beach holiday a super experience. Umhlanga in December will deliver plenty of sunny days mixed with warm and windy humid beach days. There might be the odd rain shower to slightly cool the humidity, which will be welcome in the summer heat. The ocean water and the orange beach sand is hot, adding to the warm beach play. Here are a few suggestions to make your beach days playful and comfortable.


Five super tips to make your next Umhlanga beach holiday perfect.


1. Choose the right beach for your beach day.

Umhlanga in December is buzzing, the town centre is full of activity, and people are awake early to make the most of the cooler temperatures. The beaches can get crowded with holidaymakers seeking a tan and playful beach days. If you book into the North Star Micro Hotel, you have private access to the beach right in front of the sea-facing property. You can avoid the crowds by settling in on the deck under the umbrella overlooking the dune into the blue-white waves rolling in. In front of the deck, a small dune and an open piece of beach greet you as you step barefoot into the sand. The North Star Micro Hotel can make your beach day a treat with a picnic basket and beach mats to settle in on the beach.
Beach towels and shade will protect you from the beach and sun heat.

2.  Protect yourself from the sun

The Umhlanga sun in December is hot. A beach day is not advisable without a well-protected sunscreen. Sitting on a beach towel under an umbrella to avoid the sand and sun glare will not be sufficient protection from the sun rays without applying sunscreen. The sea breeze can be misleading on warm days to cool down the summer heat but will be very dangerous to your skin without enough sunscreen applied before a swim or taking part in beach activities. Bring a good beach hat. Your nose is the sensitive part soaking up most of the sun without a hat and sunscreen before you go fishing, swimming, or play beach bats. Star with a high factor sunscreen before your roll onto the sand expecting to be summer bronzed right out of the office. There is nothing worse to start your holiday with sunburned skin and cold shivers from a long day in the wind and sun. Keep yourself protected and have patience while working on your suntan. If you are swimming or doing water activities, make sure to invest in a high factor water-resistant sunscreen. You can buy sunscreen for sensitive face and skin types to have peace of mind sitting on the beach taking a well deserved holiday. It will be to your benefit to stay in the shade from 10 am to 3 pm to miss the strongest burning sun rays of the day.

3. Have your camera or phone charged

Beach days with family or friends are fun. There are sure to be memorable moments to capture enjoying activity-filled beach days in and out of the ocean and playing games on the beach. A camera or phone to capture beach holiday memories will serve you well. Bring a beach bag and protection for your digital equipment to protect it from sand, humidity, and salty water. Your camera lens will need cleaning often with a soft cloth to wipe the lenses clean from the fog. Keep your digital equipment charged and have your lens in hand, ready to snap a few crazy and fun moments.

4. Plan fun activities for good and bad weather

A great beach day goes hand in hand with a good book. Keep your book in a bag for sand and salt protection, settle back into your towel under the umbrella for an hour of reading. If you want to embrace technology, audiobooks are perfect for listening to narrated stories to look at the waves and beach activities while listening to the narrator.  Bring beach toys and equipment if you are adventurous to dive into the ocean. There are often shallow pools forming to snorkel and dive in along the beach. The surf at the North Star Micro Hotel is good, but the waves are strong, and you need to be careful and a strong swimmer to avoid danger. After some activities in the sun, board games under the umbrella is a great way to relax and soak up the salty air. If you encounter a rainy day, head out to the city for a visit to the entertaining Ushaka aquarium.

5.  Stay hydrated

The December sun on the beach is warm. Playing in the water and on the beach will quickly dehydrate you after playful activity. Make sure to have enough cold water on the beach to stay hydrated. If you are enjoying alcoholic beverages at the North Star Micro Hotel, make sure to drink enough water during the pool and beach days to avoid headaches and sun dehydration. The Belvedere bar has a variety of refreshing alcoholic and non=alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst. If the beach is too warm, move back onto the North Star Micro Hotel property to settle down at the pool on the lawn for lazy afternoon naps.

If there is anything the North Star Micro Hotel staff can do to make your summer holiday a memorable experience, the friendly staff will be on stand by. There are few things more fun than to look forward to a few magic days on the beach with the salty ocean air blowing heat into your day.