Top 5 Best Summer Travel Tips To Enjoy A Summer Holiday at the North Star Micro Hotel.

It is November the third. I am staring out the window, daydreaming of summer sounds and beach activities. The early morning weather throughout South Africa is hot and humid in some locations. The pool water is warming up for morning dips and lazy night swims. In the afternoon, when I hit the road for a run, I can smell the barbecue fires preparing for a braai, the smell of summer. I sip on my coffee, thinking back to how long this year is feeling. It was not the most productive year in history, but I will remember 2020 as one of the more eventful years. It is easy to contemplate staying at home this December to avoid the roads and business of holiday towns, but I feel to start 2021 fresh and ready to make a splash, it is time to book a December holiday.

1 Book your Break

It is a big decision to decide where to book a December holiday. The options in South Africa are vast and enticing. A road trip involves planning and choosing the right dates to avoid the mad Christmas road rush. Book your ideal dates in advance, last-minute bookings are expensive, and you risk not getting your desired dates booked. This year we all worked from home, the car has done less mileage, it is a good idea to book a service and check the details for a safe road trip. Plan your packing. The last thing you want is to end up with too much luggage to squeeze into your car the day before you leave. Book the big holiday, plan for exciting summer days on the beach or your favourite holiday destination and enjoy a slow cruise road trip. After a year of being stuck at home, take the plunge and book a holiday to relax and rejuvenate, getting ready for 2021.

2 Watch a sunrise

If you are driving to your summer holiday in Umhlanga, booked in at the North Star Micro Hotel, watching the sunrise is a must-do. The property is a beachfront property on the beach facing towards the east. You might have to sacrifice a morning of sleeping in, but viewing the colourfully painted sky over the Indian ocean is a beautiful way to start your summer day with a coffee in hand. Plan to have a gate key to walk onto the beach, prepare your coffee, and walk out just before the sun appears to view the North Coast sunrise on the beach, walking through the warm waves. Getting up for sunrise means you can book an e-bike for a training session after experiencing the colour and light display on the beach.

3 Build a sandcastle

Beach days are long and lazy. The sun is hot, and sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from unwanted sunburns. You can book a beach picnic at the North Star hotel to have beach mats and umbrella set up for a shaded day on the beach. After enjoying reading and a fresh drink, why not let the inner child out and get working in the sand to build a sandcastle. Childlike fun, warm ocean water, and buckets of sand constructing a sandcastle in the sea breeze is a spontaneous way to have fun and forget about the woes of 2020. Let your inner child out and put your engineering skills to the test while playing in the sand.

4 Make a splash

The exciting part of a summer holiday is to be close to water. The ocean water on the north coast is warm, the waves are salty, and the day temperatures hot, ideal for a swim. If you are daring, splash into the waves for a dive. There are few things in life freer than an ocean splash swimming in the waves. Plan your swim. The Ocean waves are powerful and need to be respected to avoid any currents and rocks. If you are happier next to the pool, make a splash into the clear blue pool water to cool down. Water is calming, and nothing refreshes you more in the summer heat as an ocean or pool splash.

5 Go for long beach walks

The afternoons are the best times to enjoy the sounds of summer on the beach and let the lazy holiday vibes sink in. Grab a bottle of water and take a beach walk. Depending on the tide, you can walk into the rockpools at low tide to view all the ocean life swimming, crawling, and floating through the water. The promenade running along the beach is busy with runners, walkers, and cyclists. The beach sand cools down in the afternoon, ideal for long beach walks, feeling the salty ocean breeze on your skin. Taking long walks staring into the horizon and the waves rolling onto the beach and wrapping around the Whalebone pier in Umhlanga mixes exercise with nature relaxing into your holiday.

To wash off the sand and saltwater after a fun beach day, walk onto the grass at the Northsart Micro Hotel to take a cold outdoor shower and walk to the pool to settle in for a sunset drink from the Belvedere bar.