5 Spa and wellness experiences to book in Umhlanga Rocks.

Five Spa and wellness experiences to book in Umhlanga Rocks when you book into the North Star Micro Hotel.

A Spa and wellness experience is a treat. When you book into the North Star Micro Hotel, there are various spa experiences to book in Umhlanga Rocks. If you have decided to book an early December getaway before the mad holiday rush, a relaxed experience will be top of mind. This year has been stressful. A short trip to the North Coast, stepping bare feet into the sand and saltwater, will generate a calm experience. The North Star Micro Hotel offer a Durban airport chauffeur driven experience to lesser the stress of booking a vehicle. You can request to be chauffeur-driven while you are booked into the North Star Micro Hotel to visit and shop at your selected places in Umhlanga Rocks.

The North Star Micro Hotel offers rooms with a view. All seven rooms have a view overlooking the ocean. At sunrise, the sunlight lights up the water, highlighting the breaking waves with golden hues. In the afternoon, the light turns orange-pink as the sun sets behind the hills. The rooms have airconditioning, sufficient to keep you chilled and relaxed in the summer heat, allowing good sleep. Start your day with a coffee, a pool swim, a beach walk into the warm salt water, an outdoor shower, and retreat to your room to start the day with an ocean view.

If you are interested in making a booking at a spa in Umhlanga, here are five options to consider close to the North Star Micro Hotel.

1 The Spa Experience at The Oyster Box Hotel
It is time to end 2020 with a bit of pampering. Our focus is on wellness to ourselves and others. The correct protocol is needed for social distancing and to keep ourselves and others protected while we are battling the COVID pandemic. Through all of this in 2020, it is time to give in to a pamper session. The Oyster Box offers a variety of spa packages and experiences to book. Indian African ritual therapies to boost your health and healing. Contact the Oyster Box to learn more about the signature experiences, Hamman ceremonies, specialized touch therapies, traditional touch therapies, spa body hydrotherapy, and take a dip into the plunge pool available to assist your body in healing and to rejuvenate. The Oyster Box is a short beach walk away from the North Star Micro Hotel.


2 Teremok Spa
Teremok Spa address is 49 Marine Dr, Umhlanga Rocks. The spa is part of a quirky boutique environment in Umhlanga Rocks. A colourful urban apothecary with a scent of vanilla and an unconventional interior. Book your spa session with highly qualified master therapists that offer a full range of face and body treatments. Teremok Spa uses Dermalogica, one of the world’s top professional skincare brands, for beauty treatments supplemented by state-of-the-art, non-invasive anti-ageing technology.
Book a spa session at Teremok, with owners Tracy, Kim, and Debbie. Shop uniquely selected items from bottles of old fashioned sweets to handmade jewellery, offbeat greeting cards, and beautiful designer clothing.


3 The Tai Touch
The Thai Touch is a five-minute drive from the North Star Micro Hotel. The Thai touch specializes in holistic, traditional therapies performed by qualified and certified therapists. At the Thai Touch, you can book a variety of wellness packages. Choose from a list of healing therapies used by monks in Thailand to treat ailments. Thai massage therapies are a combination of influences from Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian cultural traditions. These massage therapies include physical benefits to the body, assisting with detoxification, boosting the immune system, increase blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and allows muscle relaxation. Thai therapies are known to increase flexibility in your muscles, increase mobility, improve breathing, help alleviate arthritis and back pain, strengthen joints, and fight diseases.


4 Fleur De Lis Spa Umhlanga
A short seven minutes drive through Umhlanga from the North Star Micro Hotel will bring you to the door of Fleur de Lis Spa in Umhlanga. All the Fleur De Lis Spa staff are professionally trained, offering you the highest standard of treatment and a seamless pampering experience. The Spa experience aims to captivate your five senses to leave you relaxed and stress released. The spa offers late opening hours to accommodate your schedule. Choose from skincare, body, and aesthetic treatments. The full price list and package offers are available to download. Book a customized spa experience based on the treatments best suited to you.


5 Spa Royale
Spa Royale is an eight-minute drive into Umhlanga Ridge from the North Star Micro Hotel. The spa specializes in hair removal treatments, skin care therapy, couples packages, and massage therapies. The Spa Royale focuses on an eco-friendly spa experience using recyclable towelling material, biodegradable wraps, and work to reduce energy consumption on laundry and invest in a biodegradable option. The aim is to reduce wastage, consumption, and improve sustainability. The services include laser, nail spa therapy, waxing and threading, couples, and bridal packages. The spa treatment is relaxing to offer relaxation and calmness to ensure the best experience.


After a pampered spa experience, settle back into the North Star Micro Hotel for a quiet and relaxed afternoon or evening to extend the tranquillity and calm of your spa experience.