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Book a flip today in the powerful vintage Yac flying over the prominent Umhlanga lighthouse.

The opportunity to fly in a vintage acrobatic Russian plane is available now to book through the North Star Micro Hotel. The Yakovlev Yak-18T, a Russian aircraft, is a four or five-seat fully aerobatic utility aircraft developed by Yuri Yakovlev. The plane’s maiden flight was in nineteen sixty-seven. The airplane was designed and build to train Aeroflot pilots. The Yac-18T is a favoured plane used as a sport plane both inside and outside of Russia. The airplane engine is powerful, boasting a 265 kW Vedeneyev M14 nine-cylinder radial engine. When you arrive at the airport, the pilot will give you a rundown about the history and the incredible capabilities of the Yac. If you are not one for acrobatic aerial maneuvers, don’t worry, your flight is scenic void of exciting acrobatic flight moves. If you are an avid follower of vintage airplanes, this December 2020 experience will be an exhilarating flight to book. The scenery in Umhlanga offers a magnificent fly over all the Umhlanga and Durban hotspots to view from the sky.

The flight takes off from Virginia airport, located approximately five kilometres from the Durban city centre. The pilot flies over the scenic coastline towards the iconic Umhlanga lighthouse, turn and flies over the Durban harbour towards Amanzimtoti to then turn back to land at Virginia airport. The flight in the Russian Yac airplane is an experience not to miss. Climb on board, put the headphones on, open your camera, and get ready for a spectacular flight flip.

Virginia airport is a ten-minute drive from the North Star Micro hotel and five kilometres from the Durban city centre. The airport is close to the ocean, offering a beautiful take-off. You fly over the stretched out beaches and the rolling swells while climbing to the ideal flight altitude. Viewing the beautiful expanse of the ocean from the sky while hearing the flight controller through the headphones is something special. You feel part of history sitting in the small Russian airplane flying low over the Durban landscapes. On the clear flying days, the city details from the sky are visible. All the iconic landmarks from the Whalebone pier, the Umhlanga Lighthouse, the Moses Mabhida Stadium, the busy Durban harbour, and all the beachgoers and traffic hustling and bustling through the city are visible.

If you are visiting Umhlanga for a holiday, a flight in the Yac is an ideal trip for a shared fun experience for the family or couples. The charm of the airplane engine starting up and the voices calling out codes and directions through the headphones make this a one of a kind flying experience. The North Star Micro Hotel team will direct you towards a booking and choosing the ideal time of the day for your flight. Once you have landed, drive back to the North Star Micro Hotel to share your experience while enjoying drinks on the deck overlooking the beach you just viewed from the sky.

The Yac flight will be a photograph and a story to remember while visiting the north coast.

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