Enjoy A glass of wine and a sea view with your Beef Burger in Durban.

Enjoy A glass of wine and a sea view with your Beef Burger in Durban.

The North Star Micro Hotel star dish at the moment is the tasty, decadent Beef Burger.

If you are looking for a private venue to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, look no further than the spectacular beachfront North Star Micro Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks.

The menu at the North star Micro Hotel offers you tasty options from breakfast to dinner. The North Star Micro Hotel is open daily and open to daily visitors.

You dine on the balcony overlooking a trimmed lawn, the deck and the dunes staring into the deep blue sea. There is enough shade to feel the Indian ocean breeze while you sip on a drink and enjoy your meal with a view.

Let’s have a look at a few of the dishes and wines to pair with your meal.

Starter dishes at the North Star Micro hotel

The Pan-seared hake and the Salmon Plate at the North Star Micro Hotel will pair well with a glass of Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc. The taste of the fish and the richness of the salmon pairs well with the white wine fruit and light acidity.

The Mexi Bowl offers a bit more spice and will pair well with a glass of Rose.

The menu offers many more options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Beef Burger at the North star Micro Hotel

The Beef burger is currently the best seller at the North Star Micro Hotel. The burger is a 150g beef patty topped with melted cheddar, bacon, and gherkins served with a side of rustic cut chips or a house salad.

If your patty is the star and you have minimal toppings, a straight forward, red meat-friendly wine like Cabernet Sauvignon is a brilliant pairing.

However, because of the cheddar and bacon, you could pair your burger with a glass of Chardonnay.

Do you enjoy a Spicy hot sauce?

A wine with lower alcohol and less tannin will complement the spice. A full-bodied rosé with a hint of sweetness would work well.

Big and bold? 

A Syrah or a Bourdeaux blend will also complement the melted cheese and the beef patty. A beef burger is delicious with a full-body glass of South African red wine.

And what about whites?


Chardonnay would work well with most toppings except spicy ones, which will pair better with a sweeter wine and less acidity. A bit of acidity helps to cut through the fattiness of the meat and any decadent cheesy toppings.


Bubbles are also excellent for lightening up heavier, salty foods and make the perfect pairing with an afternoon burger for lunch. This pairing is ideal for a lazy lunch, enjoying a burger on the balcony.

Dessert at The North Star Hotel

Carrot Cake
The carrot cake is the current favourite at the North Star Micro Hotel.

A tasty wine that would pair well with carrot cake would be a dessert wine. A dessert wine is sweeter and will complement the sweetness of your carrot cake slice. Vin de Constance is known as one of South Africa’s best dessert wines. If you enjoy dessert wines and it is on offer, it is a must.

Vin de Constance is pure gold in colour. The nose presents delicate aromas of white flowers, ripe citrus and a touch of rosewater and almonds. You will taste flavours of creamy stone fruit, litchi, citrus zest, and lively spice, creating an ideal balance. The finish that lingers is vibrant and complex, pairing perfectly with dessert.

Don’t miss out on the luxurious venue offering you laid back but attentive service with tasty meals and various drinks to order.

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