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Women’s day spoils for you this August in Durban.

More women should be celebrating women’s day, spoil each other and be spoiled.

Did you know that most women do not celebrate women’s day?

It’s True.

Most women hardly pay any attention to women’s day.

You read and watch videos about successful women doing amazing things that do not relate to you.

Not all women’s success relates to you, but women’s day is a day to celebrate all women worldwide.

Whether you support one specific day or not, women’s day is a day for you to step away from most of your responsibilities if you can and take a moment.


Flower shops, gift shops, and other retailers generate fortunes every year from people who buy gifts for the women in their lives on women’s day.

Those who don’t celebrate women’s day say, “Why choose only one day of the year to make a woman feel special? Why choose just one day of the year to celebrate women?

A lot is to do with commercialism and with retailers wanting to cash in.

Women are the heart and centre of the universe. You are the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and creative minds in a world that often fails to see all your contributions. You are the homemakers, nurturers, and artisans that weave the moments together.


You are the cooks, the maids, the CEOs’ entrepreneurs, the poets, the dancers, the singers, and the entire song.

You nurse the babies and teach them to stand, walk and stand tall. You are the listening ear, the wisdom bearers, and the backbone of the family and every element in our world.

You are the shoulders of all men who long for comfort, support and tenderness. You are the goddesses who can captivate with a smile or a touch. You are the warriors who bring reason in a society of anger and turmoil.

You are the inspiration and the strength to everyone.
You pray for those we love and even for those you don’t.


You are nurses and caretakers who kiss the wounds and heal the hurts. You are the inventors and the bridge to what is yet to come. Your roots flourish even in a drought.

You light the world with love and feed those around you with guidance. You are a woman, beautiful, bold, brilliant with resilience. You bear the fruit and seeds of the earth and ignite fire and passion.

Whether you support one specific day or not, women’s day is a day for you to step away from most of your responsibilities if you can and take a moment.

To You,

Because you are a woman.


You pray for those you love and many you don’t. You kiss the wounds and heal the hurt while being bold, beautiful and brilliant. You are Leaders, mothers, wives, partners and the roots that flourish and inspire an entire world.

Your success is not financial or achievements. Your success is being a woman, a rock who understands the details and the bigger picture.

It is not only one day of the year, but another special day to make you feel extra special because you are a woman.


Because you light the world with love,

Because you sing for yourself and others,

Because you dance when you cook,

Because you give up countless moments in your day for everyone else,

Because you want to hug everyone you meet,

Because you are always there for everyone,

Because we don’t say thank you as often as we should.

Because it’s Women’s day


The ocean, like you, have incredible beauty, benefits and healing powers.

You are an incredible woman,

Because if you don’t deserve to spend a day in the ocean breeze? Who does?


Contact the North Star Micro Hotel to reserve your woman’s day filled with specials on the beachfront in Umhlanga.

A woman’s day special menu and a massage therapist will be available for you. You will receive a complimentary glass of wine with all meals ordered on woman’s day.

T: 076 611 4592


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